Consulting Services on forensic genetics 

in Italy and all over the world

Biological trace analysis

Forensic genetic counseling for criminal cases

The staff of Bio Forensics has many years of international experience in the consultancy activity of forensic genetics in

criminal cases. The consultancy aims to monitor the validity of the analytical data obtained by the Prosecutor's Office during the investigation activities, on compliance with scientific protocols and aims to represent in the most appropriate way the meaning of scientific data

to the judges.


Forensic genetic counseling for paternity investigations

The staff of Bio Forensics has been active in the civil sector for years. 

In this context it is able to offer specific technical advice for parenthood assessments (generally "paternity tests").

This consulting service is performed both in the judicial and extra-judicial field.

Biology - Microscope

Research and analysis service of biological traces

The staff of Bio Forensics has many years of experience, including international, in the field

of biological traces research. Bio Forensics also has the most modern technological systems to carry out a detailed search of traces from different types of

findings connected to cases all technological systems are developed and validated, with specific scientific research programs, in the research laboratories of Bio

Forensics. On the subject, there are already numerous international scientific publications.

Crime scene

Specialized training

The staff of Bio Forensics organizes various specialized training courses aimed at teaching the most modern technologies in the field of research and identification of

biological traces. The training activities are provided in Italian and English.

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