Gun and bullets analyzed during a ballistic consulting

Bio Forensics RC, thanks to appropriate partnerships, is able to offer assistance to the citizen in the field of ballistics. Ballistics is the branch of mechanical physics that studies the motion of a projectile. The projectile has a initial speed because it has been captured in an impulsive force and do not have any kind of propulsion, and artificial, that is, not due to natural forces that persist over time.

So only for inertia and the influence of forces The movement of bodies subjected to a force constantly excluded gravity, friction the other natural forces, not the object of study of ballistics, but of kinematics and dynamics. An example of this are missiles. equipped with a rocket engine, the movement of which is the object of study of kinematics and dynamics until the engine is running and becomes the object of study of ballistics true if the engine stops running nect.
Expertise and technical consultancy services are offered in this area for criminal proceedings.

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