Dactyloscopy - Fingerprint

Bio Forensics RC, thanks to suitable partnerships, is able to offer assistance to citizens in the field of identification and judicial fingerprinting.
The analysis of fingerprints, also known as anactyloscopic investigation, is an activity that has as its purpose the identification of a person. It is a complex work, which is used more and more frequently in the context of criminalistics: what are called papillary crests, i.e. reliefs of flesh that form on the hands. When these reliefs come into contact with a sheet of paper or any other smooth surface, they form a sort of pattern. Fingerprints are immutable and always remain the same over time: moreover they are unique, which means that in the world there are no identical footprints (there is a small chance that this will happen in some cases of homozygous twins, but also in this case it is very rare). Expertise and technical consultancy services are offered in this area for civil, criminal and extrajudicial proceedings.

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